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don’t be such a nervous nelly furtado

I feel like when I go home next Tuesday I’m gonna go into a depressed state. I just might have found the love of my life while being here. It makes me not want to leave. Ontario isn’t my favorite place on earth but I love seeing my momma while I can. And hanging out with you this whole time has been so magical I love it. I just wish I could stay. I hate knowing I won’t see you until next year :(

Okay so

Last night I had a dream I went to a Justin bieber concert and there was suicide bombers there and Justin let them sit in a segregated section with security guards because even suicide bombers enjoy the biebz. They were dancing around with their guns in the air being all like “BABY BABY BABY LALALALLALAALAALLALA”

You better shut your mouth, before I fuck it.

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everything is funny when its 4:45 a.m.

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